What does it offer?

General medicine, pediatrics, nursing services, general emergencies.

Cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, neurology, gynecology, traumatology, ophthalmology, oncology, psychiatry, etc.

Clinical analysis, radiographs, endoscopies, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, CT scan, etc.

Rehabilitation, cancer treatments, respiratory therapies, radiotherapy, lithotripsy, logophoniatry, etc.

Whether they are outpatient or require hospital admission.

Admission and hospital stay.

With specialists of recognized international prestige.

A telephone and online platform with general counseling programs, run by health professionals.

Doctors on more than 30 specialties, personalized health plans and 24-hour emergency service (without prior appointment).

Medicines delivery from the pharmacy, physiotherapy sessions and analysis at home.

Pharmacy expenses (up to 200€), psychology (up to 300€) and gym fee in case of injury (up to 160€).

Online management

Appointment request, downloading of analytics, claim for reimbursements, medical authorizations, etc.

Emergency travel abroad

Emergency medical coverage you may need on trips abroad.

24 hours attention

No matter what time of day or night, we will assist you 24 hours to speed up processes.

Three contracting options:

Medium co-payment.

The best option if you plan on using the insurance regularly.

Low copayment.

The right option to save money with your insurance.

No copayment.

The best option if you want to be carefree.

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